Your veterinary practice close to Vésenaz

Located in the canton of Geneva, Vésenaz Veterinary Practice takes care of the health of your pets. Dr Carquillat and Dr Luka's practice is made up of a dynamic team. They are helped by 2 veterinarians: Dr. Joëlle Siegenthaler and Dr. Nadia Sandino, and by 6 qualified veterinary care assistants: Anne, Betty, Christelle, Marine, Sandrine and Sara.

The team is made up of staff who are qualified and ready to listen:

  • Dr Delphine Carquillat
  • Dr Gabor Luka
  • Dr Joëlle Siegenthaler
  • Dr Nadia Sandino
  • 6 veterinary care assistants 

Vésenaz Veterinary Practice, 1222 VésenazWe handle the following animals:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • NAC (new pets: rodents, birds...)